YouTube age-restriction quagmire exposed by 78-minute Mega Man documentary [Updated]

Aurich Lawson / Capcom A YouTube creator has gone on the offensive after facing an increasingly common problem on the platform: moderation and enforcement that leaves creators confused by the logic and short on their videos’ revenue potential. The trouble centers on a longtime YouTube video host whose content is popular among the retro-gaming devotees … Read more

GM’s Cruise wants to add 5,000 more robotaxis to American streets. This city warns it could backfire

By Matt McFarland, CNN Business GM’s self-driving car subsidiary Cruise said earlier this year that it wants to add as many as 5,000 more robotaxis to American streets, including in San Francisco, where it currently maintains a fleet of fewer than 100 cars. But the city says the robotaxis are already shaping up to be … Read more

Nintendoes what Valve don’t: Game barred from Steam will launch on Switch

Enlarge / Nothing weird going on here. No sirens. Japanese publisher Spike Chunsoft announced that the first official English translation of visual novel Chaos; Head Noah won’t be coming to Steam as planned “due to Steam’s guideline-required changes to the game’s content.” But while the game is apparently too risky for Steam, the family-friendly folks … Read more

Test beds, workforce critical to US technology leadership

The US’s leading position in critical technologies can be bolstered through investments in technology test beds, workforce education and R&D, according to technology experts. President Joe Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 into law earlier this year in a bid to increase US investment in emerging technologies and compete with countries like … Read more

Stadia controllers could become e-waste unless Google issues a Bluetooth update

Enlarge / Ars originally liked the Stadia controller, describing it as “solidly built, with springy, responsive inputs.” It could still be that way without a giant USB cord if Google unlocked its full Bluetooth capabilities. Kyle Orland Google’s Stadia game-streaming service will die an almost inevitable death early next year. Google is refunding players the … Read more