How to Turn Your Problems into Rewarding Opportunities

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Many entrepreneurs are great at spotting problems, but very few have mastered the skill of turning their problems into fulfilling, impactful opportunities. It’s most likely not because you’re a negative person — but because your brain is actually wired to identify and focus on problems. In an … Read more

Everstores, an OpenStore-style D2C Shopify aggregator out of Europe, emerges from stealth with €18 million • TechCrunch

Waves of Amazon-merchant aggregator startups, floating close to $15 billion in funding, have rushed in, rolled up and rushed out of the e-commerce market in the last several years. Now, a new tide, and new take on the model, appears to be rising. Today, a Berlin startup called Everstores — which seeks out, buys and … Read more

Meet established Saudi serial entrepreneur in the UAE who says loving what you do is the mantra to success

Dubai: Although Walid Hajj is now considered a veteran restaurateur, this UAE-based Saudi national got his first major break in food entrepreneurship about two decades ago. “I believe I found that break with the people running the Cinnabon brand about 20 years ago,” recalled Hajj, who moved to Dubai in 2007. “While I was part … Read more

This Founder Turned His Hustle Into a Brand That Gives Back

Julian Young saw a bag of drugs being sold for the first time when he was 8 years old growing up in North Omaha, Nebraska — a truth that would come to define his life and career in more ways than one. Teddy Young of Stable Gray Digital Media “As a very young man, I … Read more

3 Types of “No” Every Entrepreneur Should Learn (and How to Thrive From Rejection)

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Rejection can be powerful. The word “no” serves a special purpose business and especially in entrepreneurship. Every founder and innovator has heard it, probably thousands of times. If approached with the right mindset, “no” can be a guiding force to propel a business forward. A “no” can … Read more

Preparing Your Startup for the Next M&A Wave

Although these alarming headlines seem all too familiar today, each originally ran from 2007-2010: The Great Recession dramatically slowed venture capital fundraising for many companies, just as recessionary fears are curtailing venture markets today. According to PitchBook, VC investments were down 30% in Q2 2022 compared with 2021, and IPOs hit a 50-year low. While … Read more

LinkedIn reveals top UAE startups for 2022

LinkedIn has announced its annual ranking of the top 10 UAE-based startups that have demonstrated exceptional growth in the past year through the LinkedIn Top Startups List 2022, the list included ekar, Postpay, Pure Harvest Smart Farms, The Giving Movement, Right Farm, Tabby, Sarwa, Baraka, Opontia and Huspy. The ranking was measured based … Read more