Powell’s Recession | Seeking Alpha

You’re going to name a recession after me? I wanted to be lionized for raising rates while the market handled inflation. Drew Anger The Federal Reserve has chosen to emphasize a new goal, which is not one of their mandates. During a recent presentationChairman Jerome Powell said: … you want to be at a place … Read more

Laid-Off Workers Hired Quickly by Other Companies: This Labor Market Is Astonishingly Strong, Fuel for Fed Inflation Worries

It’s already playing a key role in every one of Powell’s press conferences. By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET. Just about every day, there are stories of layoffs, but mostly small-scale layoffs, in the hundreds, 300 people here, 500 people there – of the 153 million employed people. Occasionally, there were layoffs of 1,000 or … Read more

Inflation yet to peak, CFOs say, recession already here or soon to hit

At CNBC’s Delivering Alpha Investor Summit in New York City Wednesday, several big names in the investor community indicated they see no signs inflation is waning. David Rubenstein, the co-founder and co-chairman of Carlyle Groupsaid while “we’ve been used to 2% inflation for the last 25 years, we have to get used to the fact … Read more

Opinion: Market instability replaces inflation as the biggest risk, raising the chances of a pivot by the Federal Reserve

Market instability is the biggest risk to central banks globally, replacing inflation, owing to massive amounts of leverage. So far, the US Federal Reserve is fortunate because there’s low volatility in the stock market SPX, -2.11%, even though there’s a bear market. Market stability affords the Fed the space needed for the most aggressive rate-hiking … Read more

Fed officials warn of additional interest rate hikes to fight inflation

Colliers Securities Chief Global Strategist Mark Grant assesses the Federal Reserve’s most recent rate hikes and discusses market strategies. A chorus of Federal Reserve officials are laying the need for further interest rate hikes in the coming months as they wrestle to bring the highest inflation in decades under control, even if it means slowing … Read more

Opinion | Is the Fed Braking Too Hard?

If you’ve ever found yourself driving in stop-and-go traffic, you know that there’s a strong temptation to overreact to changes in the flow. When the cars in front of you finally start moving, you floor the gas pedal, then you slam on the brakes when traffic slows down again, and if you’re a normal human … Read more

This is Truss and Kwarteng’s crisis, not yours – but you’re already a lot poorer because of them | Aditya Chakraborty

BBritish politics is being reshaped this week – but not because of Keir Starmer. After only 22 days as prime minister, Liz Truss is already facing her demise. Party conferences, those jamborees of suited choreography and confected excitement, look utterly irrelevant beside the financial meltdown engulfing the country. Yet politics and finance are, at this … Read more

The Fed Fears Something Worse Than Bear Market

Commentary The strategy of “buying the dip” went on for months, with unrelenting hope that this was all surely temporary. The economy was opening; Congress was spending. The Federal Reserve surely wouldn’t crash the markets before the November election. All will be well. No reason to panic. Not even weekly warnings by the Fed would … Read more